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Residents of the most important summer festival in Colombia BUENA VIDA BEACH. Artists / Founders / Owners of BH Records. Their productions together have been supported by great DJs of the scene and have managed to enter important labels for the electronic music industry.

Steve Aguirre with more than 13 years of experience in the electronic music industry has stood out for being one of the best DJs and producers in the country, his mixes and forcefulness on the dance floor have led him to share a stage with great artists from the worldwide scene.

Rel3r, has been in music for 7 years and his passion for melodies and for transmitting deep emotions to the public have meant that in a short time its productions are heard in the country and supported by long-standing DJs.

OUR NAME “It is not due to lack of respect but due to excess of daring, we offer a musical experience through all its lines. We take our musical knowledge from one extreme to another in electronic music. «

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